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What is Timeless?

It’s a themed bar with a delicious menu of cocktails and a food menu designed by MasterChef The Professionals Finalist Louisa Ellis. We are celebrating 100 years of Cocktails from the 1920s to the 2020s and it’s always happy hour at Timeless.

Do you accept Cash?

No, we are a cashless bar.

What does it always being happy hour mean?

Quite literally it is always happy hour at Timeless. Wherever in the world it is 5pm we’ll have a cocktail from that location on a buy one get one free for the hour. With global time zones it means that it’s literally always happy hour at Timeless - unless we’re closed of course!

Do I need to pre-book?

No, we don’t offer a reservation system at Timeless Bar & Kitchen. However, if you would like to attend Cocktail Time Machine you do need to book a ticket which you can here If you would like to enquire about a larger group booking or private hire please email:

Is there a dress code?

Yes, it’s Timeless! Which I guess means that there technically isn’t actually a dress code. You could dress from the past, present, future. Dress Code is up to you.

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